New Officials

All officials must register for and complete a new official’s clinic in accordance with standards established by Hockey Canada in order to referee with the Stratford Referees Association.

The Stratford Referees Association does not accept all new applicants. New applicants will be required to complete an application form that will be reviewed the the President before the applicant is accepted or refused. The application form may not be completed until the applicant has attended a level 1/2 new official clinic. Click Here for the application.

New officials’ clinics are scheduled every Fall by each of the hockey organizations that the Stratford Referees Association work with – Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario, Ontario Minor Hockey Association and Ontario Women’s Hockey Association.

Alliance Hockey clinics will be posted are there site when they are scheduled.

The Ontario Minor Hockey Association new official’s clinic listing will be posted on their website once they are scheduled:

In addition the Ontario Minor Hockey Association also runs an Official’s school at different sites in Ontario. This school fills early so it is important to register early if you are considering this option. Further information may be obtained on the Ontario Minor Hockey Association website:

New officials may also attend the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association junior clinics. Further information may be obtained from the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association website:

Please contact the SRA executive for further information